"A shiny red gas tank and a yellow number plate, inspired by the iconic Fantic Motor Caballero from the 70s.

Wide handlebar with and offroad bend, twin pipe exhaust system by Arrow, many CNC details, front and rear LED lights, make this Caballero the most desired toy for all ages."

The Fantic Caballero is dedicated to the great dreamers, fascinated by the idea of reliving the thrill of the legendary '70s in the saddle of a timeless icon. 

A motorbike with a unique design, easy to ride, back to basics, able to guarantee full freedom of action on any terrain.

Easy and light on the road, agile and aggressive off-road, with the new Caballero your fun will have no limits.

Compact, agile, aggressive, with knobby tyres that immediately show its charisma.

The new Caballero is a dual sport motorcycle, a true scrambler, that handles equally impressively on the asphalt and dirt. 

Easy to ride, you will have fun in all conditions.  Just choose the way, and embrace your free spirit.