MV Agusta - Rapido Serie Oro

€ 1.249,00

Motorcycle inspired

The MV Rapido Serie Oro is the Italian Stallion of the e-scooter world, it takes you where you want to go with style, speed and comfort. Decades of engineering and design excellence channeled towards combining the style of a MV Agusta motorcycle in the body of an e-scooter.



A state of the art brushless motor provides continuous power output of 500 W. You are guaranteed excellent pick-up both at the start and on uphill sections without undergoing slowdown in pace.

There are 4 levels of performance to choose from:

- Pedestrian - Eco - Comfort - Sport+
Each mode providing an appropriate level of speed and energy consumption



The design draws on tight lines and volumes that are perfectly integrated between the front and rear end. The magnesium alloy frame gives a lighter yet stronger and more reliable performance - it’s also IPX4 weather resistant and corrosion-resistant

The 2-way folding system provides an easy and quick way to fold but also ensures that it stays folded



With Rapido, you will never have to worry about running out of energy and range anxiety will become a thing of the past with its 500Wh 48V battery



App Control:

Monitor your trip with App Control.

Choose your speed from 4 different levels, Map your trip itinerary, check battery performance, and unlock your scooter from the app.